Great Training
You’ll have a variety of top-notch training resources available to help you become an expert on our products:

On-line training covers topics like anatomy and detailed product lessons to develop your knowledge and keep it fresh.

In-depth, hands-on training at division headquarters will arm you with valuable information and competitive insights.

You will work with experienced mentors who want to help you succeed (and beat the competition).

Make a difference and improve lives…starting with your own.

As a sales representative for MED REPS, you will have every opportunity to succeed.

From excellent training to the enthusiastic support of the entire MED REPS team, we want you to have the right tools, training and support so that you can focus your time and energy on identifying new opportunities, penetrating accounts and closing deals. 


Enthusiastic Support
You can rely on the support of the entire MED REPS team as you continue to grow your business.

We work closely with you to solve problems and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Product managers who constantly share new insights, updates and information to give you a competitive edge in the field.

Our management team is invested in your success through helping you build key relationships and celebrating your achievements.




Our Training

The key to a successful training program is keeping things fresh and relevant. Medical device and pharmaceutical sales are highly specialized, and sales reps have to undergo much more extensive training than other sales professionals. That training should involve the use of mobile devices, should be provided in convenient modules for learning on the go, and should include attention to the importance of product details and regulations. At MED REPS our training programs are designed for sales reps by sales reps.

  • Mobility

    At MED REPS, we take advantage of the mobile revolution in order to improve medical device sales training. Mobile devices offer a huge opportunity for transfer of knowledge since reps have them on hand essentially all the time. We didn’t simply shoehorn our existing training program onto another platform. What may work great on a laptop may be frustrating on a tablet or phone. We prioritize which information is most critical for reps to access on their devices and create training modules that work well with mobile hardware.

  • Smaller Training Modules

    Expecting reps to use their iPads to watch an hour-long training video when they’re in the field is unrealistic. A better approach for today’s mobile rep is to provide smaller chunks of training that a rep can complete throughout his or her day; for example, in between appointments. We don’t rely on mobile devices and apps for all our medical device and pharmaceutical sales training, but they are a big part of our training program.

  • Product Documentation Details

    Standards for medical devices are exacting and demanding, and reps have to have encyclopedic knowledge of the products they sell along with the regulations governing them. Not only is such knowledge critical to the sales process, but it is invaluable should a product be recalled and demand made for documentation that all regulations have been followed.

  • Avoidance of the Strong Sell

    With medical device sales, reps don’t have to spend as much time educating clients about the benefits of many of their products because customers tend to already know, for example, what an oxygen monitor is for. Rather, reps must keep customers informed about the latest models, pricing, and value propositions. Our device and product sales training emphasizes the risk of the strong sell.

  • Respect for Clients' Time

    The people who make purchasing decisions about medical devices are constantly pressed for time, so medical device sales training has to show reps how to build client relationships while respecting their time and avoiding time-wasters like going to sales calls unprepared or not following institutional policies concerning access to decision makers. 

  • Long Term Continuity of Training

    Sales and technical skills can go stale if they’re not refreshed regularly. While everyone expects new reps to undergo significant training, less priority may be placed on refresher training for established reps. MED REPS stays on top of changes – technology, medical practices and federal laws and regulations. Our device and products sales training is a long-term commitment for everyone at MED REPS.

Improve Your Numbers

Widen Your Margins

Finding the right sales force will maximize your margins, particularly in the wide variety of value-based settings.

Widen Your Margins

If you are a startup looking to increase your margins, we have the sales force just for you.

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Increase Growth

Sometimes altering your sales model or service offerings is all that is needed during stagnant growth periods.

Increase Growth

If our sales team selling your products is growing,

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For Startups

What works initially won't work when the business is growing, during its maturity, and through its decline.

For Startups

We have the sales force to work for you during every phase of your company growth.

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Sales Generalist

If you have an extensive product portfolio you will want our generalist sales teams working for you.

Sales Generalist

We know you are super busy. That's why we made the traning hours flexible.

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Personal Attention

Every medical device, product and pharmaceutical company requires personal attention when it comes to selling your products.

Personal Attention

You won't find the kind of personal attention we give to your product lines anywhere else.

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Sales Specialist

So you are not part of the value-based pricing for your specialty products. That's where our specialists come in.

Sales Specialist

For your niche products you can count on our top-notch specialists.

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At MED REPS, we believe in doing right by our customers and our sales representatives. We strive to maximize every sales representative’s opportunity to succeed, grow and prosper.
Every day as a medical device sales representative for MED REPS is challenging and exciting. Invigorating, rewarding and meaningful.
Every morning, you leap out of bed, determined to grow your business. Confident in the broad array of new and proven products you have to offer. You are an expert resource for your customers: solving problems and helping surgeons and clinicians achieve superior outcomes for their patients.
Above all, as a sales representative for MED REPS products, you stand for integrity - in the choices you make, in the outstanding quality of products you sell, and of the company you represent.